Why Keyword Themes + Modified Broad Match = Winning PPC Strategy

PPC Strategy

If you are running PPC ads on google or any other platform to drive traffic or maybe for generating sales then if you don’t follow the perfect strategy you may lose a lot of money and also your customers but what can you do to rectify this? We have the solution for you in this article you are going to learn, that is our Winning PPC Strategy.

Did you know that by combining the ad group theming and broad match keywords you can really win the game of PPC? Well yes, you can let us see how to do it.

Keyword Relevancy

Keywords are the main things that you should be focusing on while creating a PPC campaign but if your campaign doesn’t have the relevant keywords then you are losing a lot with wrong targeting and make sure that you well researched the keyword and choose the best one.

But one thing you need to remember is that you need to maintain relevancy adding the keywords to the landing page. It is one of the important factors to drive more leads or sales to your business.

If your ad got the keyword and your landing page doesn’t, doesn’t it look weird? Well of course yes. So make sure your landing page is catchy with relevant keywords and images.

Modified Broad Match

So this is a very important thing and tactic that you need to follow. So usually we place keywords considering the exact match phrases such as let us say: Leather Jacket

  • When you input the keyword Leather jacket than whenever the user searches the exact keyword Leather Jacket your ad will show up, this is called Broad match keyword which means we are losing a lot by broad match and as well as our PPC budget will be high with low ROI.
  • So now you let us modify our keyword for as follows: Leather +Jacket when you input this in the campaign then users who search about Leather Jacket as well as who search for things like Black Jacket, Brown Jacket will also show up and also for which matches the keyword with Jacket our ad shows up.
  • Now when we go to little bit depth we can modify our Keyword as follows: +Leather +Jacket This will tell search engines to search not only for the specified keyword but also close matches to the keyword as well as if the search term contains these keywords anywhere with in the search term. So when a user searches the best leather jacket our ad shows up and for the search term best leather jacket for men as well as our ad shows up and for misspellings like “leater Jacket” also our ad will be shown up.

So what exactly do we have done here is we have just modified the exact keyword or key phrase into broad match keywords so that we don’t lose every possible opportunity to our leads generation.

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