Ways to find and become an Instigator


Who is an Instigator? 

The answer is… almost anyone. Anyone whose intentions or actions, whether good or evil, seem to be out of proportion with the “good” they claim or profess. Someone who does not have the good character necessary to avoid becoming a problem in their environment. An individual who simply attempts to advance their own agenda, even if that agenda is at odds with what society needs or wants.

It is an adjective applied to someone who seems to act irrationally, without regard for societal etiquette or personal responsibility. It is a word derived from the word “incite.” Used in this context, it generally describes someone who is passionate about something, usually religion or race – and seems to be bent on driving up to and exploiting another person in the hopes that they will pay more attention to what they are saying than to their own needs.

In this way, anyone who is considered an instigator may be likened to someone who crosses the line – whether deliberately or not. Their very purpose is to cause trouble. Their “cause” may be just as valid as your own, but because they are “doing it their way,” they cannot expect any measure of respect from others.

A true instigator is someone who is motivated by hate, fear, maliciousness, or personal loss; someone who lashes out because someone else has failed to keep them on the right path. In the same sense, someone who stands up for a victimized group is also an instigator. (Even if the victim is wrong.)

There are some people who simply are born instigators. They seem to relish the idea of causing turmoil and hurt. Instigators are never “good,” although that is not always true. Usually, it takes some kind of outside force to spur someone on to action. Sometimes the only thing standing between an instigator and his goal is a willing recipient of violence.

So if you are wondering: “Who is an Instigator?” – the answer should be pretty clear. Be aware; look out!

The best definition of this difficult question is: “A person who consciously uses physical violence or the threat of physical violence to gain a benefit.” Now there may be a whole host of circumstances under which this definition could be correct. But in the case of most violent confrontations, especially violent street confrontations, it is usually accurate.

So if someone decides to hit somebody out of frustration, there are two possibilities: he is either using physical force to induce a reaction, or he is trying to cause some sort of reaction. If he is the instigator, then the response will almost certainly be physical; but if he isn’t, then he may have only been trying to get more attention, to be more popular, to be “cool.” Or he might just be very impatient and frustrated. He might just want to get even with someone. Whatever his reason, whatever his tactics, it is wrong.

Who is an instigator? In the end, it depends on whom you ask. It depends on what you consider an instigator. It also depends on how you want to define it.

How to be an instigator? 

Well, if you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering how someone can get into such a foul mood and want to ruin somebody’s day. You probably also wonder how someone can do something like that and still stay sober. Well, let me tell you that there are plenty of people who can take any kind of a person and make them feel like they’re nothing but a social outcast, but you don’t have to fall into that category!

The first thing you have to realize is that when you’re wondering how to be an instigator, the only way you can put your finger on it is if you’ve ever gotten into one before. Now I’m not saying that you should jump right into the situation, but that’s what it boils down to. Usually, if you’re new to the dating game, you’ll be faced with situations where you’ll be tempted to get involved in a fight. If you don’t have any experience doing that, you’ll be surprised how easy it will happen.

When that happens, you have to remember to remain calm. If you start to get angry because you think you’re going to lose control, then you won’t be able to control yourself. Besides, that anger that you’re feeling will only make things worse for the person you’re trying to upset.

Once you’ve calmed down a bit, you need to make sure that you stay away from the person who’s giving you the instigator sign. If you get into a fight with someone and they give you the bad vibe, then chances are you’ll give them the same vibe back. The best thing that you can do is avoid that person and hope that you don’t run into them again. After all, if you always keep your distance from someone, then you know that you’re less likely to get into an argument with them.

You should also try to be more aware of the environment that you’re in. In other words, you shouldn’t go out with someone unless you know that they’re not safe. For example, if you’re at a club, then leave. Even if you’re just going to the store, then leave. Going out with someone whom you’re not sure of could lead to problems.

Another thing that you should be aware of is what you’re wearing. If you know that someone feels threatened by your outfit, then you should probably change it or find another outfit to wear. You should know how to act when you know that you might be in the wrong and make sure that you don’t put someone off, which could cause an argument.

Knowing how to be an instigator doesn’t mean that you should do things on a whim. For instance, if you’re at a party and you bump into someone, you should apologize and make sure that they are okay. This shows that you care and will act responsibly. If you don’t know how to be an instigator, then you should also try to think before you do something. If you make a joke and someone takes offense to it, then you should probably leave.

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