The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your YouTube Video Views By Optimizing The SEO Well

Improve Your YouTube Video Views

If you are a YouTuber and have been uploading videos for a while now but not getting enough response then blame it on your YouTube SEO techniques.

It is either people are not finding the related videos on your channel in both the YouTube search engine and the Google search engine, or maybe you are not making the more social.

It requires some basic understanding of the YouTube SEO tips so that you can optimize your videos well to rank them higher in both the search engines to progress the audience involvement of your videos.

And mind it, it’s NOT always very easy (but not impossible too!) With the right knowledge you can excel in your search engine optimization of the YouTube videos and so, we will discuss more on this topic below;

Keywords play a big role in the optimization…


The role played by keywords in optimizing websites in Google’s search engine is equal to YouTube’s SEO optimization techniques.

And it as a very important role to play! If you have frequented the website more often, you would notice that whenever you search anything on the search box, it shows many videos with the same keyword listings.

Well, that is what is associated with the keyword optimization of the videos. When you pick up a related keyword for your video, you must ensure that you change the name of the video as well, so that the users find relevant videos when searching by the same keyword.

You can also take a cue from your competitors’ YouTube channels as to what are the tags and keywords they are using while listing similar videos and thereby, you can use the same for uploading your videos as well.

Not only for YouTube search but keywords play a vital role in optimizing Google video search as well!

Not all log into the YouTube app for checking out relevant videos, some just Google it first! And for those visitors, you need to optimize the keywords keeping in mind the Google search engine’s criteria.

The keywords must be relevant to your video and it must clearly focus on what the audience would come looking for on your website.

Remember keywords are the “kings” of YouTube optimization. There are some SEO tactics that you can implement while listing your keywords because Google likes to show video results based on these search keys. It includes

  • Keywords that contain the word “video” or which starts with “how to”
  • Movies or songs
  • Tutorials
  • Watch
  • Reviews

You can also take help of “Google trends” tool for getting more information about what are the keywords that are preferred more by users and which can gain you more user indulgence in return. When you master the art of putting the keywords right, you are already halfway through achieving better YouTube SEO rankings.

Optimize everything about your videos…

Optimize everything about your videos

When you want mass audience involvements of your videos, you must optimize every small detail about them in an SEO-friendly way. As mentioned earlier, you must change the name of the video and make it relevant to the keyword tags to let people find you easily.

It is the first step towards video optimization. You must apply the same formula while making the title of the video as well; it must include your relevant keywords (at least once in the entire title) to make it SEO-friendly.

Also, the description of the video matters in enhancing SEO rankings and you must include a description of at least 200 words with links to social platforms and other relevant sources. Video tags and video thumbnails also play relevant roles in improving YouTube optimization in an enhanced way.

Being social help…

power of social media platforms

The power of social media platforms is known to almost all of us and we cannot really leave that behind when performing anything on the digital space. Be it promoting our website and videos or encouraging better audience participation social media can definitely be crowned the king in the category.

There are so many social sites which allow paid and unpaid promotions of your YouTube videos; you can take help from them to promote your video (and build the SEO as well). Apart from it, you can create blog posts which can carry links to your videos which assures better views of the videos.

There are certain video ranking platforms that help in boosting the YouTube video ranks of your profile which includes forum commenting, ‘web 2.0’ video embedding, Quora trending, ‘video embeds’ by outreach, etc. One must never underestimate the power of social media and how it can help you achieve the required popularity in the world of digitization.

When it comes to SEO optimization of YouTube (and other websites for that matter) you can make ample use of the social sites to not only boost the SEO rankings but also gain popularity amongst your concerned audiences. Therefore, understanding the techniques is a must for every YouTuber!

The final take

The world is heading high towards technological developments and we, by no means can afford to be on the backspace without acknowledging the digital progress. Therefore, being accustomed to the SEO tools and techniques when you are dealing with the cyber world is something that we should never ignore.

It says, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” and having said that it only means that when your website does not have enough audience interaction it is bound to fail in the search engine rankings, and thereby end up ranking low (as much that people face difficulty to find it on the search engines).

Same is the case with YouTube videos; you need to be upfront with its optimization techniques so that the videos you upload are not only found on the site’s search engine but also in Google’s search engine efficiently. Hopefully, the above mentioned YouTube SEO tips can prove to be helpful in achieving a better indulgence of your videos hereon!

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