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Hands-on Meet Edgar Social Media Automation Tool

MeetEdgar, the social media automation tool that could change how companies interact with their customers. MeetEdgar is a new web-based project from Social Media Masters, a group of Internet marketing experts who have spent years perfecting a platform that allows businesses to manage their online identities the way it was meant to be done. MeetEdgar

Pros and Cons of Sendible

Sendible, a very successful internet company in the San Francisco area, has grown so much that they now offer three different ways to purchase and manage your subscriptions: a web-based service (the standard Sendible plan); a mobile application (the Sendible Mobile), and a membership site (the Sendible Platinum memberships). Although Sendible offers a variety of

How to delete a Facebook Page?

Deleting a Facebook Page may seem to be very easy. The process is actually more complicated than what you might first think. If you’re looking to delete something, you need to think about the reasons why you want to do so and what steps you need to take to get there. There are basically two