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Link Building

In addition to a properly optimized website and valuable content marketing, link building is a key element of positioning. Just a few years ago, positioning consisted of acquiring as many links as possible, regardless of the quality of places.

The more links led to a positioned page, the higher its position in the Google search engine. A simple task, but for the positioner boring, tedious and not ambitious. 

Today, for a page to be in the highest positions in the search engine ranking, an SEO specialist must demonstrate an analytical approach to linking and perform a number of thoughtful actions – in accordance with Google guidelines.

What is link building?

Simply put, link building is about getting links from all possible sources that point to a positioned domain. Currently, the number of links do not count, but their quality and diversification. 

Therefore, to obtain satisfactorily and above all lasting results, you should be patient and careful – acquiring poor quality (spammy) links may expose us to impose a penalty from Google, and in the worst-case remove the entire page from the Google index. 

Therefore, it should be remembered that one link added on a valuable domain is much more worth than placing dozens of links on random, poor quality websites.

Where to get valuable links?

Currently, the most natural and proven method is to add links in places related to the topic of a positioned website. Google positively assesses the links published on websites related to the positioned company’s industry. 

If you are positioning an automotive company, you should avoid places whose topics are related to, e.g. health and beauty, because the links obtained in this way can negatively affect the positioning of the website – we can be exposed to the Google filter, which we want at all costs avoid.

When starting the positioning process, it is worth having a fixed strategy for getting links from various sources.


An ideal place to present information about the company. When adding a company entry, remember about unique and attractive content and the correct completion of the company’s contact details. It is important that the catalog is of high quality or thematically related to our industry.


Announcement portals allow reaching potential customers who are actually interested in the offer we put forward. The published offer should contain valuable information for potential customers. To make the offer attractive, it is worth providing photos with it.

Internet forums

It is a popular and simple way to link building. In a thread related to our industry, we provide answers to questions asked by forum users, while encouraging you to visit our website. Let’s do it discreetly so that nobody accuses us of spamming the forum.

Social networking

Running a fan page on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. allows you to build a positive image on the web and recognition. Interesting and engaging content increases the chances of it being shared by other users.

Sponsored articles

Publishing valuable and substantive specialist articles is an essential element of link building. The article placed on a popular and adapted to the subject text of the portal, not only brings benefits in the form of higher positions but also increases traffic on the site.

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Remember to place appropriate and very diverse anchor textures in the above-mentioned places. This is another important principle of secure link building. 

The most natural, and hence – the safest – is brand links (those containing the name of the website or company in the anchor text) and URL (website address, subpages) and Zero Match (anchor text: “here”, “click “,” Read more, “etc.). 

These links will not be considered in terms of spam and will certainly not harm a positioned website. 

Exact Match Anchor Text is the type of links that convey the greatest “power”, but they should be obtained with extreme caution.


As you can see, there are many ways to get links, and that’s not all the possibilities offered by link building. Remember to treat each page individually and avoid patterns. 

The most important thing is to diversify the sources of links, type of links (nofollow, dofollow) and the type of anchors, and ensure that the sites match the topic of the linked page. 

The search engine algorithm is constantly changing, which is why actions that currently achieve the best results may be ineffective at any time, but high quality and the most natural link profile will allow us to avoid penalties often used by Google. 

Therefore, a compromise should be found between the effectiveness of SEO activities and the guidelines imposed by Google.

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