How to Use Instagram to Generate Organic Leads

How to Use Instagram to Generate Organic Leads

Instagram being one of the top Social Media websites for sharing photos and videos owned by Facebook as we all know. Most of the people are using Instagram for and entertainment purposes as well as just to maintain the account just for a formality but dear business owners and Entrepreneurs you are really losing a lot of quality leads. But we got you covered and here we are with the best ways on How to use Instagram to Generate Organic Leads.

Regular Activity

You just cannot ignore Instagram and post just on weekdays or post one or two times a month if you really wanna generate some quality leads from Instagram.

Plan according to and post regularly without fail and one thing you have to remember is that don’t over-post the stuff and you may result in a permanent ban to the account so post only quality and noncopyrighted content on your Instagram account.

Make sure you convert your Instagram account to a business account as it is free and you can do it anytime which helps you get more insights about your account and how your fans are interacting.

Relevant Posts

Well, you cannot post a dog picture or video on a cat page, so make sure you post the content only related to the niche or your brand so that you may get the quality followers or fans instead of irrelevant followers.

This is the important factor to consider because if you have a huge audience list your niche or relevant audience will be lost on those irreverent audiences.


Hashtags are the best things to play with on Instagram as you don’t even need to spend a dime for that and you can get quality and organic leads for your business.

If you post daily good content and paste the relevant hashtags in your every post you will reach the right audience and customers. How? You may ask right.

That is the power of hashtags and whenever a user inputs or searches any keyword on Instagram if your hashtag is matched to that search term then your post will show up. So you are getting organic leads.

Following Niche Accounts

You are not the only one in the game right, make sure you got an eye on your competitors and always analyze how they are doing on Instagram and what you can do to be the best among all those.

Following the related business will not only help you outrank your competitors but also help you get leads through them by collaborating with them as most of the small businesses will collaborate with you easily if you got a quality audience. 

  • Start following users back or who follow your business at the starting to get projects or leads from them but make sure you don’t follow some irrelevant accounts.


It is the most important thing that will help you get leads if you cannot interact with your audience then what is the difference between the robot and human? You do need to add some human touch by interacting with in the comments and messages from your followers.

I know you can automate all the posts on Instagram with some paid tools but it doesn’t help you get leads but instead, you may get some set of audiences who likes your business or your product and niche.

You can even message your fans about your products, explaining your business and products to get some quality leads.

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