How to Create a YouTube Sales Funnel

Ultimate Guide to Improve Your YouTube Video Views

Youtube is the top video sharing and video content platform in which daily millions of people watch different types of videos on youtube from different categories like entertainment to business.

But youtube is not only for entertainment and fun purposes but also can be used to build business and brand in which you can turn your youtube videos or channel into marketing funnel by right strategy and the right type of videos, showing to the audience. Now let us see how to create youtube sales funnel.

How to Use Video in the youtube sales funnel

To build a youtube marketing or sales funnel then first you need to understand your audience and what kind of content you have to create the sales funnel, generating leads and sales to your business.


You first have to plan everything and what type of content you have to use like depending upon your niche or business category, if you are from the educational background then you have to build or create videos on education niche only.

So, first of all, divide the content into parts such as 40:40:20 which is at the top of the funnel 40% content and at the middle of the funnel 40% content and finally at bottom of the content 20% this is so far the best ratio according to industry experts.

You can even create a content calendar for yourself and plan according to it like what to post and what not to post and what time you need to publish the video.

How to Create a YouTube Sales Funnel

Optimization For More Watch Time

The best way to drive more traffic and improving the watch time is by doing proper SEO for video and one more thing is that you have to create videos in such a way that users will see up to the end which will also help you with tracking as well as sales.

Driving Traffic

As we discussed above optimizing the video, we have to drive a good amount of traffic to our video to be able to make at least a few sales and we can do that by cross-promotion of our videos with other channels or running an advertising campaign either in youtube itself or through other channels.

You can even use websites to generate traffic if you have done proper SEO to your website and keyword research as you can simply attach a link to your youtube video or embed it on your website easily, social media websites also help you drive a huge amount of traffic to your videos.

Generate Leads and Sales

So this is what we have been working for right and we can get a huge amount of traffic and sales to our products or services by the power of youtube as it all depends on a lot of factors like your type of content and type of service you are offering.

You can run ads and even target a new type of audience to generate sales as well as target the visitors of your website as you can find out more about your audience by using Google Analytics.

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