How To Change YouTube Channel Name


Have you ever wondered how to change YouTube channel names? I will explain the process as well as how you can do it yourself. You should only have a basic knowledge of how to change the name on YouTube as this can be confusing for some people.

YouTube Redirects:

If you have tried this before, I suggest you find someone else who has had success and follow their lead. If you still haven’t found success after trying the freeway, you may need to use a service such as YouTube Redirects. This service will allow you to change your YouTube channel name to anything you want for a small fee.

Finding Username:

I am sure you must think about what your next step is. The next thing you need to do is to find out what your YouTube username is. To find out your username, just go to the footer of the page where you can find it in the upper right corner. You can also find this on the search box at the top of the page. Once you have found it you can click on ‘Usernames’ and it will open up a new page.

Selecting Name:

When you click on your username, you will see the drop-down box where you will select which name you want to use for your YouTube channel. Once you have selected a name you can type in a name that you prefer. You will have to replace any spaces with slashes or tildes. Ensure you leave the quotes around your chosen name.


When you have completed your name change you can click on the Save button. You will be asked if you want to confirm the change. Click yes to this request. A message will appear that will advise you that the name you have chosen is now unavailable. This process cannot be undone.

Once you have chosen your preferred username and chosen a channel name, you can click the ‘Create’ button. Your username will be asked and you will click a check box to confirm your choice of channel. Once you have finished creating your YouTube channel you can click the link in the resource box and apply the channel name and ID you have chosen. You will see your channel name and ID at the top of your screen. It may take a few seconds for the change to be applied at YouTube.

Changing Username:

At the top of the screen, you will see a message informing you that your account has been updated. Click the link that says ‘Change Your Channel Name’ to apply the changes. To change your YouTube username just click on ‘Change Your Channel Name’. To change your YouTube channel name and ID simply click on ‘Change Your Channel’.

Some users have reported that this option does not work on some YouTube videos. If this is the case with you cannot find your channel name in the ‘Change Your Channel’ page, then you can search for the channel name or URL using the Google web browser by typing in the channel name or URL and then clicking the search button.

In the search box, type the term or word that you would like to be associated with your YouTube account and click enter. This will display a list of websites that are related to the topic of your choice. You should be able to select the websites that are most relevant to the topic of your YouTube channel.

If you need to make additional changes to the name of your channel, you will need to access the YouTube channel settings and then click on the link for ‘Help’. In the Help section, there are links for changing or updating your username, description, and tags. When you have completed these steps you will be able to change your YouTube username and description. There are also links for adding a YouTube profile picture.

After you have made the necessary changes, you will be notified that your channel is now available for public use. You can change your channel name and/or description to fit your needs. You may want to create a new page on YouTube in order to take advantage of the automated tools that are provided for channel management. Once you have done so you will be able to access the various options that are available for managing your channel.

Changing your YouTube channel name is quite simple. Just follow the above steps and you should be able to change it within a few seconds. If you find that you are having difficulties you can contact YouTube customer support. They will be able to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding using YouTube.

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