Facebook Ads Strategies: A New Approach for a Competitive Marketplace

Facebook Ads Strategies

Did you know that 92% of marketers or advertisers use Facebook ads to generate leads and conversions? Well yes, it is true because Facebook is the best platform to generate leads at a very low cost.

With Facebook ads, you can get ROI as well as profits easily comparing to other platforms as we all know that. Let us see some of the best facebook ads strategies that you can follow to get the most out of the Facebook advertising platform.

Targeting for maximum ROI

Targeting Customers

Make sure you are targeting the right people like you have to target the customers who are likely going to click on your ad and optimize the ad in such a way that you have a very high CTR and you can even use custom targeting lie uploading the email list that you have collected through your ways from website or any other source, facebook will check for accounts and if the email address associated have facebook account then they will see the advertising.

Targeting your page fans is another best and effective way to get the ROI as your fans will be already interested in your product it will be having more success rate.

Different Ad Types

You have different ad types in facebook that you can choose and according to our recent survey on facebook that video ads are doing good than other types of ads and if you have multiple products or services to get leads then best format is carousel ads and another great thing now is facebook now supports their own lead collection or landing pages which offers to collect data or generate sales within facebook.

Focusing on Right Matrics 

You just cannot focus on the number of likes or comments on your ad instead you need to check for the conversions and as well as shares of your ad and you can count the clicks but one thing to keep in mind is that the number of clicks and number of sales is always different as people who click your ad and goes to your website or shop not always purchases the product or service so you should focus more on the sales.

Metrics like comments, views and follows are called vanity metrics you can use these metrics to see your ad performance but cannot use these to judge your conversion rate or you cannot count these as your strategy.

Testing Ads 

This is the necessary step to get or create a successful campaign as you just cannot get success and conversion just by one ad as you need to create multiple ads and test each ad with different targeting and interests it’s more like A/B testing which is necessary to be done by every marketer.

Because a lot of marketers fail because they only run one ad and wait for results as they can even run another ad parallelly and check out which one is doing good and then switch to that ad. Don’t just run an ad for 1 or 2 days if you want good results and you should go with at least 7 days for the best results.

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