Facebook Ad Trends: What Marketers Need to Know

Facebook Ad Trends

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective and best ways to generate traffic and leads for your business with very less cost a lot of advertisers and marketers invest huge on facebook ads and getting reverse of income.

Most advertisers know that Facebook advertising is better and cheaper compared to advertising with other platforms.

So let us see a few of the best facebook ad trends and how to advertise effectively on facebook to get maximum reach and ROI or leads for your business.

Video Advertising

We all know that how much a video can impact a person and attract people compared to other ways and video advertising is a proven way to get more traffic and sales to your business as a number of people viewing videos are gradually increasing day by day in facebook and now everyone prefers to watch a video instead of flyers.

But the most important thing you have to remember is that you cannot simply upload some stock video that you have found on the web ad proceed with advertising as it will result in your ad account termination as well as the loss of money due to poor video quality.

Make sure you spend some bucks on video editing and upload a video that attracts everyone just by introduction because the introduction is what matters for viewers that drives them to see the full video.

Photo Advertising

A picture is equal to 1000 words and no one wants some boring text advertisement with your brand website link and if you do that for advertising you lose a lot of money unless you are not expecting any ROI.

Spend time to edit images for your ad and the thing you have to keep in mind is that you simply cannot upload any pic and expect the ROI as rectangular ads will do best in facebook advertising in which they are best shown in mobile devices. Make sure you include some text introduction within your ad.

Right Targeting

A lot of advertisers fail at the point of wrong targeting and if you target a huge audience or poor interests selection you will definitely land in losses and that is for sure.

Make sure you select a good volume of people or medium-range demographics for targeting and add relevant interest of people so that it will reach the right people, you simply cannot target a medical guy for engineering products.

Final Verdict

Make sure you have beautiful landing page so that users will get attracted and which may or may not lead to the sales for your product but according to research video ads are doing very well in this era compared to the other type of advertising and you can get more views on your video for very low-cost compared to other types of ad as well as you get maximum reach for your ad through organic also. So make sure your content that is used for advertising on facebook is quality content and attractive.

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