Why You Should Use SEO for Your NGO

cost-effective SEO strategy for Your NGO

Raising awareness about your cause is an essential factor in any non-governmental organization (NGO). It helps organizations to build relationships with influential people and attract donors and volunteers.

Through marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO), you can achieve all your needs. SEO is a marketing strategy that will make your NGO’s website easy to find on search engines such as Google.

Therefore, the correct SEO strategy for your NGO will attract visitors to your website, and you can earn their support.

Here is how you can create awareness for your cause and earn support with the aid of a cost-effective SEO strategy.

Unbranded Search

If someone’s interest is in a specific cause, they will search for keywords related to their purpose rather than searching for an organization in particular. The whole idea of searching for keywords with intent is called an unbranded search, and it can bring more traffic to your website hence giving your organization more supporters. That is why it is vital to capture the interest of visitors on your website by ranking well on Google and search engine result pages (SERPs).

With the right SEO strategy for your NGO, your content will be visible on SERPs, and it will rank higher on the search portals. This way, targeted keywords will be visible to the visitors, and that means there will be more traffic on your site.

The main goal here is to have your website visible on the first SERP because most users are more likely to click on the links on the first page. However, for you to gain supporters, you should ensure your content is unique to meet their interests.

Quality Content

Having relevant content on your website, blogs, and social media posts will engage visitors hence improving your SEO ranking. Thus, you must have quality and exciting content. There are high chances visitors will share your content on social media if they find it fascinating, and in turn, it will boost your ranking and product awareness hence attracting more visitors to your website. By engaging visitors with relevant and quality content, you gain authority in your field.

Relevant content could be in the form of photos, videos, event recaps, testimonials, information and statistics, infographics, and stories from your cause.

Optimize Keywords

It would be best if you used specific keywords that your potential supporters are most likely to use on their search for your content to appear on SERPs. Any user should be in a position to tell your cause, goals, vision, and mission from the keywords.

However, the keywords shouldn’t be too specific. For your SEO campaign to be a success, you need to establish the search terms your visitors might use. After identifying the right keywords, incorporate them on your website and image descriptions.

For instance, if your NGO helps animals, you should focus on the services that you offer, such as animal adoption and shelter. If someone is looking to adopt, they will easily land on your site. It is also vital that you use keywords such as sign up, volunteer, donate, and include calls to action on your website.

This way, your chances of attracting supporters are high. You should mention your location because that way, potential supporters will know the reach of your NGO, and they can tell if you work locally or nationwide.

Website Redesign

SEO also involves user experience. Ensuring your users have a positive experience will make them stick around and convert to being supporters. Positive user experience is crucial in your SEO efforts.

Quality content and the design of your website are some of the critical things that will ensure a positive experience. Therefore, you should use the right strategies to develop your web and use intuitive design to optimize your website.

Title tags and Meta descriptions are some of the ways you can optimize the user experience. Ensure that your keywords are in title tags, H1, H2, and H3 and your meta description.

If keywords linked to your organization are not visible to users in the meta description, you will not have a high ranking on Google. HTML code, attractive user interface, and easy navigation are other ways that you can ensure a positive user experience.

Final Word

With high rankings and awareness, your NGO is in a position of fulfilling its mission and fundraising attempts by reaching out to more supporters.

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