“Best Practices” for Link Building Don’t Work. This Does

Link Building Strategies

It is 2020 but still link building is still one of the topmost off-page ranking factors by search engines like google and bing. With proper backlink strategy and quality backlinks to your website, you will definitely fall under the top 10 search results in google or bing for your keyword.

If you have built some low-quality backlinks then you will never be able to get traffic and generate revenue from your website or blog. So let us see the best practices for link building that works and gives you effective results.

Link Building Strategies

Guest Posting

Guest posting being one of the legit and legal ways of link building and it is one of the best ways of building backlinks as google will love these types of links. So you may be thinking about how to get the blogs or websites that accept guest posts.

Well, Facebook is your first option and you can join groups related to guest posting and easily get free guest posting opportunities. The second way is by google, you can search for blogs related to your niche and contact the owners regarding the guest post but most of them will ask for the money to guest post.

Comment Backlinks

This is one of the oldest methods of building backlinks and yes it is still effective and works out for you if you can spend some amount of time on search engines as it will take some time and effort as well as luck to get your comment approved by the admin of that particular website.

Profile Backlinks

This is one of the best ways to get backlinks for free in which it will increase your DA and PA also as most of the profile creation sites will be having good authority and you can get backlinks from facebook, twitter and a lot more for free.

You don’t need to spend your money to create backlinks on these websites but remember to keep it spam-free and don’t build so many links from different profiles.

PBN Backlinks

This is a very powerful method of ranking and the thing you have to remember is anytime you may get penalized by Google if they detect that you are using the backlink.

How to do that? So, first of all, you have to research for expired domains and after you find some handsome amount of domains start creating a simple website on that domain just for publishing content and get links from those websites.

You can build PBN websites from 5 to 100+ it all depends up to you and even you can sell the backlinks in your PBN.

Broken Link Outreach

You can reach out to the website owners and ask to replace the broken link with your own link and you can find the broken broken links by using tools like Ahrefs but this kind of tool is paid so you need to spend some bucks to get access. You can even get backlinks from big websites with this method.

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