Best alternatives of Mass Planner

Mass Planner

Mass Planner was a social media automation tool that is used for Instagram and other social media platforms. It was shut down in May 2017. It was one of the best user-friendly tools that many preferred to use. There are many alternatives of Mass Planner and in this article, some of the best alternatives are discussed below: 


YoViral is the latest and most popular method of marketing a business. Many business owners are struggling day in and day out trying to figure out ways to increase sales, but they fail to realize that advertising can be much easier than most people think. YoViral was created as a way to help business owners market their businesses through the power of the internet. It is not your typical PPC campaign or even a simple viral campaign. It requires a huge investment to launch and maintain, but if it is done correctly it can bring tons of traffic to your website and allow you to make tons of money.

What is YoViral?

YoViral is a website that allows you to promote your own business using the power of the internet. It is not your typical website, as it combines aspects of PPC and viral marketing. Think of it as an eBook, or even your own online journal. People read your journal on a daily basis, so imagine how many people will be interested in learning about your niche if you published a PPC campaign based on it!

Once you set up your YoViral account, you will be able to post unique content about your niche, and then encourage people to share it on the YoViral website. You can also set up polls, which can be used to learn more about your target audience. Ultimately, it is your job to ensure that your content appeals to as many people as possible.

Once your content begins to get shared, there will be tons of people contacting you every day. But what’s even more important than the number of contacts is the fact that those contacts are your future customers. Let them know what you do and why they should support you. This can be done through blog posts, a newsletter, and even a sales page. The more that people know about you, the more likely they are to buy from you down the road.

As soon as you are able to build up a good amount of followers on YoViral, your next step is to make sure that you are promoting something of value to those people. YoViral has a marketplace of sorts where you can promote your own products. But don’t get caught up in sending emails to everyone. Instead, pick one market segment and focus on that.

As long as you continue to post quality content and add fresh, new ideas, you will be well on your way to building your brand. YoViral is certainly not a quick or easy process. It does take time, but worth it in the long run. Building a strong brand takes work, but is well worth it when your brand starts to blossom.


Social media has changed the landscape of most marketing departments but no other brand has really seen change quite as Krootez has. One of the reasons for this is because it is the only major player in this industry that has its own social media presence as well as a website that allows its customers to connect and get to know each other even before they decide to purchase a product.

This gives them a better opportunity to put together a cohesive marketing plan for the company while also allowing them to interact with their customers in a more personal way.

The website also allows its followers to post comments and questions directly to the company and therefore has a direct connection to the actual person behind the company. It’s clear that without the social media presence of rooted, many companies would not be able to meet the expectations of their customers and this is what makes them different.


CheapIGFollowers is a new service that allows you to build relationships with thousands of real followers who are looking for your products and services. If you have an online business, then you can make a lot of sales this year. In the past, making sales has been very difficult because many people are not motivated enough to buy when they don’t see immediate results.

With cheapIGFollowers, the number of followers you are buying from has no bearing on whether or not they will buy from you in the future. If you buy followers from a company that you know nothing about, then they won’t be as motivated to buy anything from you because you have no business being in their face.

In addition to allowing you to grow your business quickly and effectively, CheapIGadden offers you a number of other benefits. The service provides you with a great engagement system that allows you to encourage visitors to your site to engage with you and your content. This can be done through things like letting them join your email list and providing incentives to them if they do.

Incentives can be anything, such as giving away a free report or eBook or discount on your product if they purchase from you. CheapIGadden makes it easy for you to create a number of different engagement methods so that you always have something available for those who want to get involved.

Another feature of CheapIG Amey that makes it a fantastic growth service is that it allows you to track your followers and reach their goals for you. This includes letting you know what actions your followers are taking, how many subscribers you have, and even what your conversion rate is.

All of this information will allow you to make sure that you are sending your messages and engaging with your followers in the most effective way possible. If you are looking for a high-quality engagement system that you can use to grow your business and increase your profits, then CheapIGFollowers is it!


Are you looking for sites where you can buy IGLikes fast? There are many IGLikes fast review sites out there but most of them don’t give you the information you need to be able to grow your social media marketing business. I like to use the “Buy IGLikes” function from the main page of IGLikes so that it is very easy for new friends and business partners to get on the fast-growing social media platform without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

There are tons of social networking and social media marketing “expertises” out there and I don’t want to waste my time with any of them because the “expertise” they offer doesn’t really help you.

This is why I love IGLikes because it is very simple and easy to use, and it lets me grow my social media marketing business much faster by letting me grow my business faster. Do you know what I mean by this? If you don’t know how to build an email list, take care of list building, and get your presence up on the internet then you probably won’t be very successful online anyway.

That’s why the best sites to buy likes with are ones that allow you to grow your list very quickly. You should also make sure that the people who join your list are people who are actually interested in what you have to say.

IGLikes gives me all of these things so that I am able to grow my list very quickly and easily, it also allows me to make the most amount of money with social media marketing. All I have to do is to add friends when I want to buy likes, and I just basically tell everyone I have added that I am now sending them helpful tips and get followers on Twitter and Facebook. If you want the best sites to buy likes, you should really give Follow Grishko’s BuyIGLikes method a chance, it really works!

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