Awesome Features of AdRoll


AdRoll provides integrated marketing solutions that deliver rich content, compelling graphics, and highly targeted advertising at the most attractive website. AdRoll’s sophisticated, real-time advertising technology can unleash the power of consumer intelligence to offer best-in-class digital display advertising. AdRoll targets and identifies your audience with personal information about internet shopping habits. The powerful advertising intelligence component automatically adjusts its online advertising programs based on observed buying trends, leading to greater conversions and ultimately, more sales.

How AdRoll works?

To understand how AdRoll works, let us look beyond the simple definition of an e-commerce website and delve into its practical implementation. AdRoll displays relevant ads across the full width of a Web page so that online shoppers don’t need to scroll horizontally across the top or bottom of the screen.

Web surfers have the option to easily ignore unwanted ads and conveniently click on the ones that are more applicable to their needs. Moreover, ads across the full width of the screen increase the overall size of the overall screen, which improves the navigation for users and increases the chances that they will be more inclined to make a purchase.

AdRoll is not limited to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns; in fact, it includes both organic search engine results and social media feed. As a result, it is easy for companies of all sizes to compete with large companies by focusing on smaller niche markets.

AdRoll’s core marketing software, AdSense Mobile, has been designed to provide advertisers with the best of both traditional PPC advertising and mobile advertising. AdSense Mobile is an excellent tool for businesses to expand their customer base while simultaneously increasing their online presence and sales revenue at the same time.


Features of AdRoll are very good for online marketing. This program is the best choice for anyone who needs to run multiple campaigns at the same time. It works well with Google AdWords and AdSense. It offers various tools for advertisers.


It is a feature that tracks your advertisements and alerts you if you are not hitting your target audience. It also creates and checks your ads. It also provides statistics so that you can check the performance of your keywords. It offers a feature that allows you to manage multiple campaigns at the same time. It offers daily updates on your account. The amount you pay for each keyword will be shown in the account section.


It can create custom lists for you based on your specified terms. There are many other features such as reporting and tracking. It allows you to create campaigns based on the keywords selected. You can also monitor the performance of campaigns. This program also has a dashboard that displays the campaigns and a search box to look for specific terms.


You can create a campaign and assign keywords to it. One of the best features of Ad Roll is that you can view the performance of a campaign anytime from anywhere. There is no need for you to be in front of your computer. It integrates with your email campaign manager and you can receive alerts from them. It works well with Gmail and is compatible with Outlook Express.

Permission Engine:

This tool allows you to track your AdWords campaign and view the statistics. It is also easy to install and easy to use. One of the best features of Ad Roll is its permission engine. It will check your advertisement for unwanted clicks. It also blocks the advertisement if it is not allowed. The tool is designed in such a way that it allows you to approve or reject an ad in a matter of seconds.


This helps in tracking the advertisements that have been approved and those which have not. You can also monitor the performance of different keywords across multiple campaigns. The tracking feature of this program helps you to analyze your campaigns.


The most important part of Ad Roll is its reporting feature which can help you make the necessary changes as required. It has a report sub-menu that lets you keep track of the number of impressions, cost per impression, and total cost per day. The program also provides you with detailed reports. With the help of the report, you can determine whether a certain ad is performing or not. With this, you can increase or reduce your budget for advertisement by tracking the performance of your ads.


The Ad Roll Pro version is the one with the most features. The only disadvantage of Ad Roll Pro is that it costs a few dollars per month. In this, you get all the advantages of the software. It also allows you to create custom lists of keywords that you want to advertise against.

You can have maximum control over the choice of keywords that you use for Ad Roll advertisements. With the help of custom lists, you can ensure that the audience targeted for Ad Roll advertisements are actually the ones who have actually clicked on them.


The program has many other useful features apart from the ones mentioned above. Other features of Adroll that help you in running your online campaign successfully include help-desk support and email notification. The help desk support gives you assistance with questions that you may face regarding using Ad Roll and the email notification will help you keep abreast of all the activities going on in your Ad Roll campaign.

Adroll has a help desk support forum where you can ask questions regarding using the software. The forum is always available for one hour every day. You can get answers to any question that you may have during this hour. If you are having some problems then it is always better to ask questions rather than just assuming that you have a problem. This way the technical team of Adroll can provide you with the solution to your problem.

Overall, Adroll is very user-friendly and easy to install and use. The features it provides really help you run your campaign smoothly. I am glad that I bought this program as I can easily monitor my campaign’s statistics and it makes life much easier. In conclusion, if you want an excellent email marketing platform and one that is very easy to use. Then I would suggest you take a look at Adroll.

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