Author: Alex Coomb

What is two factor authentication?

Two Factor Authentication is an easy way for businesses and individuals alike to protect their data from unauthorized access. Multi-factor authentication is a form of electronic authentication in which an authorized computer user is given access to a website or program only after successfully providing two or more factor authentication codes to an authentication system:

Why You Should Use SEO for Your NGO

Raising awareness about your cause is an essential factor in any non-governmental organization (NGO). It helps organizations to build relationships with influential people and attract donors and volunteers. Through marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO), you can achieve all your needs. SEO is a marketing strategy that will make your NGO’s website easy to find

How to Optimize Graphics for a Website? | Tips 2020

Quite an important issue during the process of creating a website is the size and number of graphics. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we think about it only at the stage of website implementation and project finalization, this topic is often neglected or neglected. It is therefore worth applying some methods and techniques beforehand so that the graphics on

One-Page Websites | Advantages and Disadvantages

One page websites, i.e. pages consisting of only one page (without additional subpages), enjoy growing recognition among internet users. Nothing unusual! One page websites are often very aesthetic and original. However, will they always be a good choice in terms of functionality? Let’s find out! What is the one-page website? Unlike classic websites built from the home page and