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99Designs is a website that provides high-end, professional graphics creation services at an affordable price. 99designs was started by Gabrielle Couture. It has become one of the top online destinations for graphic design contests. This site provides you with many different options for contest submissions. These include:

Free contest entries:

This is a good way for beginners to get started. You can get some first-hand experience with 99designs’ unique contest formats and techniques. This also gives you the chance to see how designers handle real-world scenarios, where they have to come up with fresh designs for each client, on a constant basis. Many designers find that doing a free entry into a good design contest is very helpful.

Hiring a graphic designer:

When you’ve done a good job creating a great design, it’s time to hire a pro. If you’ve already created a good design, you might consider hiring a freelancer to take care of the technical details of your creation, like choosing a theme or color scheme.

For most other projects, however, 99designs offers a full range of services from hiring a designer, managing your design portfolio, posting your project to its gallery, managing the payment process, and so forth. You can have a custom website design without hiring a professional graphic designer!


A designer can also give you feedback on your work. This is actually very similar to what 99designs does with its clients – but instead of hiring a designer, you send them your own designs, along with a short bio and portfolio link, and they will create your designs and provide you with feedback.

The only difference is that you pay for their time and expertise, not their salary. They help you improve your designs so they can help you sell them. With the cost of web design these days, hiring a professional designer can actually be quite economical.

Posting your project to a 99designs contest:

As mentioned above, 99designs allows you to post your designs online with its easy-to-use design brief generator. You simply choose a few basic templates, add a little information and any other features you want to include, click “Create,” and start posting. Designers from all around the world will be looking at your designs – and the ones from your community at that!

Local Designers:

You can also reach out to local designers by sending them a blog logo design brief. Many designers will be eager to work with you because 99designs is free for everyone to use. You can reach out to any designers within reach of your home area or those who happen to be designing sites for clients you may represent in the same city as you are.


You may have some questions about how to take advantage of the services offered by 99designs, including what kind of submissions are available. First, if you have a web design job or an existing website design company, you’ll be happy to know that 99designs allows you to upload your projects to their database.

You can also send them a quote over e-mail. It’s a very simple way to go about getting your website design business on the fast track to success. Many experts in the graphic design and web design field agree that 99designs has set the bar extremely high in the graphic design industry.


One thing you should know about 99designs, though, is that the cost of their service is much less than what many of the competition offers. Most other graphic design companies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to submit a project to the platform.

While it’s true that not every designer or web designer has access to this kind of service, it’s certainly not something that 99designs promotes. For the average person with a personal or small website, it makes good business sense to take advantage of the great resources that 99designs provides.


One of the best things about 99designs is that they have an “expert” community on their website. 99designs is basically all about graphic design competitions. Graphic design contests are where you submit a simple, elegant design, and hundreds if not thousands of other designers submit similar designs for your submission, and then you get to select the one you think is just perfect. The larger your budget, the more your design is sought after (and even the more options you have).

When you sign up for a membership at 99designs, they actually allow you to place bids on designs. Once you’ve placed a bid, you then have the ability to customize your design, which will increase your chances of winning. You can also use the “expert” forums on the site to interact with other graphic designers and learn more about the tools and resources available at 99designs.

One “expert” designer has created a ready-made logo store that you can browse. His shop has over 400 images available for download, all royalty-free. You can save these images in a zip file and use them on any website you’d like.

If you find a designer who is offering a ready-made design store, I would take advantage of this. Most of the time the design contests offered by 99designs require a minimum qualification requirement. Most companies do not post this requirement, but you can find it listed somewhere on their website.

If you win a design contest offered by 99designs, you will automatically be qualified for a set number of future 99designs contests. This means that any future contests you win will get you additional entries into the pool. It’s definitely worth taking the extra time to learn how to create a design brief from scratch because the outcome can be greatly beneficial.

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