A 4-Step Guide to Using Hashtags Effectively on LinkedIn

A 4-Step Guide to Using Hashtags Effectively on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best and effective platforms for professionals and students as well as for people who are seeking a job.

It is a social media website but unlike Facebook and WhatsApp it is totally different and LinkedIn contains people who are professionals, business owners.

It is more like a professional social media. But reaching the right people is not as easy as you think unless you do a lot of groundwork.

But there is a way that can help you gain good visibility and following on LinkedIn within a short time with the right content, Hashtags.

Let us see the Guide to Using Hashtags Effectively on LinkedIn.

1. Relevancy of the Hashtag

Well, you simply cannot use a hashtag that is related to cooking in an SEO related post just because the particular Hashtag got good follows. You need to input or insert hashtags related to the post that you are publishing only.

Don’t just use the hashtags just for the sake of placing there, you need to check the popularity of it.

How to do it? You can see the popularity while typing a keyword after the hashtag. It shows you the count.

2. Hashtag Count

You cannot simply stuff the post with hashtags and LinkedIn will not allow you to use more than 5 Hashtags in a post which makes you a little bit confused but you need to choose the best 5 hashtags within your post.

Even if you try to add hashtags you cannot add after the limit of 5. But coming to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can place a lot of hashtags but on LinkedIn, you are allowed up to 5 as allowing a lot of hashtags will lead to misleading or wrong targeting of the post.

3. Placement of the Hashtag

A clear cut basic introduction about your post is something that will attract more users and in case of text post that is fine, but when you publish a photo or video post make sure you type at least 1 or 2 lines of the text about the image or video.

Coming to the placement of the hashtags you can place anywhere you like within the post but the best place is inserting at the end of the post or naturally inserting within the post keywords.

4. Best way to use Hashtag

So, the best and effective way to use hashtags on LinkedIn is to make sure you publish posts related to a single niche instead of going broad and multiple as the LinkedIn algorithm will cut down reach if you go broad and make sure you publish posts regularly with relevant hashtags.

According to LinkedIn experts, the best way is placing 3 hashtags per post and an explanatory post instead of just 1 or 2 lines post in which you cannot reach more people.

Content length matters in LinkedIn and as well as the activity of your profile, that is how regular you are posting. A quality post is much worth than 10 posts with no quality and relevancy.

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