5 Quick Tips to Build Powerful SEO Strategies in 2020

SEO is one of the most important parts of the digital world. Every business is dependent on SEO for getting traffic and sale leads. This is the reason the majority of businesses looking for SEO services. But with the passage of time, SEO isn’t what it used to be. Businesses understand the most basic concept of search engine optimization and why it is important. But when it comes to building powerful SEO strategies, just playing with the keywords isn’t enough in 2020.

Just creating content for the keywords your customers are searching for isn’t the right strategy, nor it will give benefits. With each passing year, there are various updates in SEO by Google, and to be dominant in the SERPs to earn more revenue, you must need to build a powerful SEO strategy.

But building a powerful SEO strategy in 2020 isn’t possible without knowing the proper trends and how to implement it. Here 5 quick tips that can help you in building powerful SEO strategies are discussed.

Digital Marketing Trends

1.    Go with User-Focused Optimization

Google’s new BERT algorithm got a lot of attention in 2019, and now in 2020, everyone wants to know how to use it. But rather than knowing how to optimize for that specific algorithm, you must need to focus on user-focused optimization and technical delivery of your content.

With the latest BERT incorporation by Google in ranking and search engine algorithm, you cannot focus on just a string match. Now intent match becomes the priority of Google. Which means the content should be based on intent rather than just string. It should be purely written on the targeted audience and not be just covering the targeted keywords. This is how user-focused optimization will help you in getting a powerful SEO strategy in 2020.

2.    Focus On High Quality & Optimized Content

Content is the king of the digital world. From your site structure to the internal link building strategy, everything in SEO depends on content. Therefore, to build powerful SEO strategies in 2020, focusing on high quality and optimized content is necessary to get succeed.

3.    E-A-T & Unfair Advantage

In 2020, Google will continue to look at the overall reputation and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness) of a given company. For publishers’ trustworthiness would be super important in 2020, and companies with a bad reputation, customer service issues, or other issues, will have to spend a harder time competing with others.

Now, there would be a strong focus on fake news and quality content, therefore one of the quick tips when setting your SEO strategy is to be genuine and unique to achieve what you desire.

4.    Blog Every Week to Setup Page Authority

In order to give your website authority in the eyes of Google, it is important to write content that interests your targeted audience and can give them useful information. Writing on tangential topics your customer care about, will also get rank and help you to set up page authority. Remember, to blog at least every week, in order to engage the audience. This is one of the best powerful SEO strategies you can adopt.

5.    Create a Link Building Plan

To build powerful SEO strategies in 2020, you will need to create a link building plan for your blog. Basically, link building is the primary objective of off-page SEO and is one of the huge factors of how search engine rank web pages.

Link building is the process of creating a link (backlink) to your website from elsewhere on the web. Start small, and give some time to brainstorm all the different ways you can attract inbound links.

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