3 Ways to Measure Influencer Success Without Instagram “Likes”

3 Ways to Measure Influencer Success Without Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the best social media website or app for video and photo content, being an entrepreneur and business owner you should never leave any way of generating leads to your business.

But as Instagram said that they are going to cut down the likes visibility on the posts to the public which means no user can see the no of likes are there for each post and who liked the post as they have said particularly that it will be going to be cut down for united states also.

But the problem is that most of the influencers think the number of likes on their posts matter but they don’t matter as if you have a post with 1000 like with 0 conversions is nothing compared to a post with 100 likes and 10 conversions.

Measure the influencer success with retail conversion

The success factor cannot be measured by the number of likes but the conversion rate and with the right campaign and targeting for the audience and check the number of conversions you have and how many people actually responded and reacted to your campaign with shares and mentions of your brand.

You can measure the success by checking out the number of new followers and the number of views on your campaign as well as visits to your website.

Engagement of your Campaign

Check the engagement of the campaign by factors such as likes, you can check out how many people reacted to your campaign. Shares, this is one of the important factors as a number of shares can directly influence your success rate and conversion rate.

Brand Mentions, Check out your notions and keep an eye on them for brand mentions which means when other brands or people mention your brand within their post then it will get you more visibility.

Comments, yes commenting is one of the best ways to measure how people are reacting to your campaign and if the campaign is really well then people will spend their time and write their opinion and maybe it can even convert to conversion.

CPE, cost per engagement is one of the things to take care of and make sure you keep an eye on this too as this will directly impact your success rate by generating ROI for your campaign.

Revenue Generated 

Influencer success is measured by the revenue generated and no of sales you got from your Instagram campaign or post and you can check out no of conversions you have, how much revenue you got from the post.

If your product or service is low cost you can then measure your success rate by seeing the number of conversions like if the number is high then you get a handsome amount of revenue.

If the service or product is having high cost then one lead is enough to get all your spending back and get ROI easily from the campaign and the best thing is that everything is trackable and measurable.

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