18 Basic SEO Checklists for Local Businesses

SEO checklists for local businesses

SEO plays a major role in website identity; here are the 18 exclusive SEO checklists for local businesses which should be followed to rank all local Businesses.

1. Logo Naming Convention:

Naming your logo properly will give you more exposure and good SERP. It is important to use the same logo in different versions of your website like Mobile version, desktop, and Facebook or Twitter pages. Use your website name along with the word logo as the name for the logo. Do not use logo.jpg or mylogo.jpeg as these are generic names and will not help your website to be searched optimistically.

Example for Logo naming: website name-logo.jpg

Provide Alt text for the logo’s image tag. This text will be displayed in place of the logo when there is some loading issue. Giving alt text is important for all the images. When it comes to the logo it is important to add the location of business along with the business name as this will be the most important part of the local SEO Checklist. Specifying location in the title tag of the logo’s link will help to reach the local audience.

2. Add Name address and phone number (NAP) in all pages:

It is important to add your business address and phone number correctly on the home page in a visible region. It should be clearly seen and should be accurate. The phone number used should be in local area code, not a toll-free number. This phone number will help to reach the local audience.

The most common practice is to place name, address and phone number in both header and footer parts. Any information provided regarding your locality will be helpful for Google and should be on your local SEO checklist.

3. Name Address Phone number format:

It is important that name, address and phone number are in the proper format, below example shows the correct format for NAP.

  • Company Name,
  • Door number Street name,
  • City,
  • State,
  • Pin code.
  • (91)-(1234)-(5678)

Make sure that the format of NAP is the same throughout all channels like website, Facebook, Google my business page and other mediums. Inconsistency of information might lead to a drop in page views.

4. Registering your company with Google My Business:

It is crucial to create a Google My Business account.  While creating a My Business account your business location and ownership will be verified. Verification will be done either through mail or phone. After verification of the address, your business will be listed on the local Search engine research page.

To improve your Google ranking the following things need to be considered:

•    Data accuracy is important. Specifically, the data regarding your company address and phone number need to be correct this will be the most important thing in your Local SEO checklist.

•    Responding to reviews given by your customers.

•    Add photos of your business in My Business page.

•    Working hours of your business need to be accurate.

5. Embed a Google map for your address:

Embedding a Google map is an easy job, doing this simple work will help to improve ranking in local search engines. Embedding a Google map is easier you can embed by using WordPress Plugins or by these following steps:

•    Go to Google maps.

•    Type your business address.

•    Select embed Map from the left menu on the top.

•    Add the code in your contact us page near your address and your map will be visible.

6. Titles URL’s and descriptions should be URL friendly:

Titles and descriptions of a website should be SEO friendly. When your website appears in the search result, titles and descriptions are displayed along with URL. The information provided in the title and description must be clear enough so that visitors get enough details about the page they are about to visit. The Titles and descriptions must contain the location details as this will be another important factor in your Local SEO checklist.

7. Register with Yahoo Small businesses:

Similar to Google My Business you need to register your business with Yahoo small business list as well. This is a paid service that requires minimum payment something fewer than 20 dollars or equivalent. Registering with Yahoo’s small business will help you improve your local search results.

8. Register with Bing Business places:

Bing search engine is the next most used search engine after Google. Registering your business with Bing will help you improve local search related to your business and other similar business.

9. Use Schema structure:

Using a schema structure for your website will increase the chances of getting your website listed in Google Featured Snippet results. Schema structure for your website can be obtained by using WordPress Plugins or you can get one from schema.org.

10. Create Local Facebook Business Page:

Create a local Facebook Business page apart from the regular business page. This will help you to get in touch with your local customers. This will enhance your business visibility in your locality thus needs to be added in your Local SEO checklist.

11. Register with Just dial:

Just Dial is top Local business listing in Chennai, go to JustDial official website and register your business. This is free and can be done as easily as you do for other business accounts.

12. Register with Indiamart for Business

This is another business listing directory to help you enhance your local SEO. As mobile usage is increasing day by day it is important to register with Indiamart for business.

13. Register with other Local business Listings:

It is important to get your website visibility in local search. Register your website with local business directories like Sulekha and other business listings. This will help your business to reach the local audience.

14. Reply for Reviews:

It is important to reply to the reviews posted by users. Even if it is negative reviews it is important to respond as this will improve your reliability among local users.

15. Backlinks building:

It is important to build backlinks for your website. You can do this by creating guest posts for other local businesses. This way you get more visitors to your website. Backlinks also help in increasing your website visibility as it is being linked through other websites as well.

16. Optimize your website for mobile:

Mobile has become the most used medium after computers and tablets. It is important to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. If it is not mobile-friendly you might lose some visitors as they might not be interested to visit the website that looks broken on mobile.

17. Start a blog and do internal linking:

Other than external linking you can build your internal links by creating a blog and making links to your web pages. These links will help to improve search results. This can be another important factor in your Local SEO Checklist.

18.  Create Business pages in social media

Creating a business page in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will help you get multiple visitors and customers from multiple platforms.

Final Words:

The Above listed 18 points are the necessary SEO Checklist for Local Businesses followed by SEO Expert in Chennai to increase local search ranks for small Businesses and startups.

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