12 Google Analytics Custom Reports to Help You Grow Faster

Google Analytics Custom Reports

Google Analytics is one of the best analytics report tools for everyone it may be either for a shopping website or some information blog. Analytics is something we need to be checking regularly in order to find out about our user interaction and behavior on our website.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool by google which can do a lot more than we think but we are limited to using the default reports and we can do find a lot more using google analytics custom reports.

1. Browser Report

This is one of the best custom reports to check audience behavior on your website through different browsers and helps you check that your website is compatible with the user’s browser and checks whether any of the browsers crash or works well.

2. Visitor  Acquisition Report

This is used to check or analyze the total no of users and new users as well as returning users on your website with complete reports and time spending by the users on your website.

3. Customer behavior Report

This report shows us the behavior of the users are they returning or everyone is new and as well as lets you find the conversion rate on the website.

4. Mobile Performance Report

The mobile performance report is used to show us how many users are from mobile devices and how your website is performing as well as the bounce rate of different mobile devices.

5. Page Timing Report

This report help us to find out the problematic pages and shows us which pages are loading slow or defective and need our attention.

6. Hours and Time Report

Well, this is what exactly you need, this report shows us when your users are most active and when they are landing on your website and which hours are popular and most of the users are active on your website.

7. Referring sites Report

This report tells us from which website we are getting the traffic and which website traffic is giving us the most of the conversion or leads.

8. Content efficiency Report

Content efficiency report will tell us which page or post is performing well as well as what type of content is having good engagement on our website.

9. Traffic from Social Media

This metric or report shows us that which social media website is giving us more traffic as well as which one is giving us more no of goal conversions and useful for your business.

10. Referring pages report

Referring pages report will tell us that which pages are linking to us and from which pages we are getting traffic as well as we get the full insights of the particular referring page like bounce rate and authority.

11. Google organic SEO insights

This report exactly tells us how your users are landing on your website and what they are searching on search engines before landing on your page. This will give you the page URLs with titles too.

12. Keyword Analysis 

A keyword analysis is something that will help you to find which keyword is most popular and from which keyword you are getting the traffic most as well as engagement and conversion from that particular keyword.

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